Stress less about your wedding.

Planning a wedding can be so stressful and one of the things you are going to want to do during the wedding planning process is making sure that you are reducing your stress as much as possible. This means that you should find little ways to make yourself feel like you are killing two birds with one stone and getting effective communication down between wedding venueeveryone involved. That is why people are reaching out to The Chateaux at Fox Meadows as their premier wedding venue. Why is this? Because not only are they a venue, but they are a community resource for the wedding industry business. They make sure that they are getting involved in the community in any way they possibly can by connecting you to affordable musicians, caterers and much more. One of the favored services that they offer to their customers is their amazing event manager who will be able to help walk you step by step through the process of your wedding. Here is a clip that was pulled from the website to give you a little bit more of an idea of what they have to offer you and your loved ones:

“Welcome to The Chateaux at Fox Meadows. As Colorado’s premier wedding facility, the mansion and the surrounding grounds are the place to host your exclusive event. Unlike many other venues in the area, we are dedicated to creating an exclusive and private place for you to celebrate your special day. This is why all of our pricing and event packages including exclusive use of the venues for your celebration. …

“In 1996, Pam Cutler & Bonnie Brown had the idea to build a french mansion designed specifically for weddings and events. In 1998 their dream became a reality when the first wedding was held at the Chateaux. Pam and Bonnie decided then and there that no bride should have to share her big day, making the Chateaux one of the very few venues that NEVER hold more than one event at a time. In 2012 Pam’s daughters Marissa and Sarah became joint owners of The Chateaux, while Bonnie went to pursue her other passions.

“We are proud to be family owned & operated local business. We feel that this gives us the unique opportunity to focus on each and every event as if it is our own. We LOVE our clients and hope that you become part of our family and host your fabulous event with us!”

As you can see, The Chateaux is more than just a wedding venue, they are a destination one-stop-shop wedding business that will help you walk through the process of your wedding and reduce the stress that is possible if you weren’t to have their expertise and opinions. Give them a call today and ask them about what services their event manager offers them. They will send you an email as soon as you set up giving you a step by step process of what you will need to do before you amazing and magical dream wedding at The Chateaux in the mountains of beautiful Colorado.